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Is it good to buy a Treadmill for Home?

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Some people consider a treadmill as the best fitness equipment. While there are some which might disagree with this. For such a popular fitness machine, with multiple reviews available, people are bound to have some confusion. Thus it all comes down the question; Is it good to buy a Treadmill for Home?

Here, we will try to answer that very question. So do read on if you are unable to decide should you purchase a treadmill for home or not?

The article is divided into two parts. In the first part, we will be talking about the reasons why you should buy a treadmill for home. Understandably, in the next part, we will mention the reasons why you should not.

Is it good to buy a Treadmill for Home? – Reasons Why it is

Treadmills Lying on The Gym Floor

Weight Loss and Fitness Improvement

The main purpose of Treadmills is to help people in achieving weight loss and meet their fitness goals.

Exercises like jogging, walking or running on a treadmill results in burning excess calories and can significantly improve your strength and the health of your lungs and heart by improving blood circulation.

Walking at 5 km/h burns nearly 2 calories/kg of body weight in every half an hour. For a person weighing 100 kg, it would equate to 200 calories burnt in 30 minutes.

Similarly, if you jog at 10 km/h for 30 minutes then you lose about 5 calories per kg of body weight. This means for the same 100 kg person, it will equate to burning 500 calories.

When it comes to running at 14 km/h, you burn 7 calories per kg of body weight in half-hour. Again, for a 100 kg person, it will equate to 700 calories burnt in a similar time frame.

Treadmills Prevent From Overexertion

This is the biggest reason to consider if you are serious about buying a treadmill for home use. The method of exercise, intensity, the techniques used plays a fundamental role in weight loss and increase in fitness levels.

Often, in the case of beginners, the biggest mistake they make is that they start exercising walking, jogging or running too fast.

Training too hard at the starting of your exercise can lead to injuries and might encourage you to quit because you would feel it’s too hard and not worth the effort at all.

By regulating the speed at which you jog or walk, and by adjusting the inclination, treadmills help in preventing overexertion and a lingering feeling of burnout.

Strong Abs, Perfect Legs and a Tight Butt

Everybody wants to be in perfect shape. After all, who doesn’t want to look great in fitting t-shirts, shortish skirt, or maybe slim pants or jeans? But, the main problem is the lack of know-how?

What exercises to do, how much to do and so on. Treadmills help you build strong abs, perfect shapely legs and a tighter butt.

Thus, if your goal is to achieve the above-mentioned things, then having a treadmill at home can be a perfect option.

Treadmills Can Save Your Money

It is a very important factor when considering Is it good to buy a Treadmill for Home? Buying a treadmill for yourself will save you a lot in the longer run. There are two reasons for it.

Firstly you don’t need to pay the gym fees anymore. Over the course of a treadmill’s lifespan ( say 7 to 10 years), you will be saving the gym fess for a couple of years.

Secondly, this fact gets compounded when multiple people in the family are interested in exercising. In that case, having a treadmill can save you tons of money too because we all know how expensive gyms are nowadays.

Thus it would be much better to invest in a top-quality treadmill with good warrantees that will serve us well for many years to come.

Treadmills Help in Maintaining Your Privacy

Now this point can be a dealbreaker for many users. Often, overweight people are too embarrassed about their physique and it may be a reason why they are unable to hit the gym.

Although, they do want to lose weight but are very self-conscious. They simply don’t want to exercise in front of the public.

A treadmill can be exactly what this kind of people need. Having a treadmill of your own will allow them to exercise to their fullest while enjoying complete privacy. Thus, they don’t need to worry about being embarrassed anymore put all their focus on getting fit and sharp.

You Can Practice Walking Uphill With Treadmills

A feature which makes treadmills unique from other fitness equipment is its ability to simulate walking uphill. Apart from adjusting your workout intensity by tuning the speed of the walking belt, many treadmills also possess the ability to adjust the inclination of the walking belt too.

This effectively means that you can convert your normal walk into an uphill walking or jogging session. All just by a touch or a button press. Walking with an uphill inclination increases heart rate and as a result, more calories are burnt.

Treadmills are Perfect for Anytime

A major advantage of exercising on a treadmill is that you can use it whenever you want. Be it day or night, sun or rain, hot or cold. This very fact makes it a lot more appealing to potential buyers.

Finding time in everyday hectic life can be a tough ask. People working on a tight schedule may find doing regular gym sessions quite difficult. In those particular situations, treadmills step up to save your time. Not to mention, it will save them from a lot of hassle of travelling to the gym.

What people really need is the chance to exercise when they want and for as long as they want.

Thus, by having a treadmill at home you don’t need to worry about the opening and closing times of the gym and also about sharing the treadmill with a ton of time-poor exercisers.

Treadmills Ensure Proper Usage of Your Time

In today’s busy life, we tend to miss out on a lot of things. If we can learn time management, then a lot of our problems will be solved. A treadmill at home helps you in exactly this regard.

You can perform your daily exercise while you’re on a phone call or while watching your favourite TV shows. Or simply when you enjoying your favourite music.

The science behind is that if you are walking or jogging on a treadmill watching TV or doing other things, then it results in your workout seemingly a lot shorter and even at times a little easier.

Is it good to buy a Treadmill for Home? – Reasons Why it is Not

Buying treadmills for home is Perfect for weight Loss

Treadmills do not Help in Building Strength

As discussed above, treadmills are basically designed for the purpose of weight loss and fitness improvement. Other than that, although, still effective but they lose their edge to specific fitness equipment like exercise bikes or elliptical cross-trainers.

So, if your goal is building your core strength, then you should be better off by lifting weights with the help of a barbell.

Treadmills Occupy a lot of Space

It is a known fact that treadmill are big in size. Thus, naturally, they will need significant space too. Even when folded up, they still need room to be put up. This might be a hindrance for those who are short on space.

Therefore, before making a purchasing decision, it is advisable to know the size of the treadmill and how much space it will require.

Treadmills are Noisy

This is a fact most people often do not give much attention to. But, when you are buying a treadmill for home, it becomes an important factor- yes treadmills are noisy machines.

You will notice that gyms are usually really loud. Music is played at a high volume, mostly to relax people and motivate them in doing their best. But, there is another reason.

The fitness machines like treadmills, bench-press, elliptical cross trainers, are quiet loud and noisy. Thus, it becomes necessary to play music at a high volume.

The point here is that when you bring a treadmill to your home, then you will get to know how it really sounds. But, as long as you are fine with it, it is not a deal breaker.

Walking or Jogging Outside is Still Better

Now this one is a personal opinion. We completely agree with all benefits and results a treadmill brings, but still feel, a morning walk in the park is better than a similar session on a treadmill.

See, the thing here is if you are short on time and you work regularly on treadmills but ignore a walk or jog in the fresh surroundings, then you are definitely missing on something.

The fresh air of the morning is something everyone needs. So if you have to choose between the two, then this can be a reason for dropping the idea of buying a treadmill for home.


Treadmills, as discussed above, command a place in the list of most important fitness equipment available. An integral part of home gyms, treadmills are generally the best selling fitness machines in India. Simply put, they are perfect for those seeking weight loss and improving their fitness.

However, they do come with some caveats and shortcomings, which we have tried to cover in this article. After reading this piece, we are confident that now understand the reasons why many people buy a treadmill for their home and why they don’t.

Thus, we believe, that now, you can definitely make an informed decision about whether Is it good to buy a Treadmill for Home? or not.

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