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How to Choose a Washing Machine in 2020

washing machine loaded with a bath towel
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washing machine loaded with a bath towel

In India buying washing machine is a difficult task. As there are many different types of washing machines and models available, choosing among them could be a big headache. But don’t worry, we at homelectrics have just got what you need. Our best washing machine buying guide covers all the topics you should know before deciding which washing machine to buy.

Note: It is recommended that before purchasing a washing machine, you must go through our detailed best washing machine buying guide. Our guide will provide you will all the important technical knowledge you need and most importantly, the latest features and washing machine technologies used.

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How a Washing Machine Works

The washing machine cycle consists of four basic processes: prewash, washing, rinsing and finally spinning. During prewash, the drum is filled with water and detergents. This is done to remove stains and dirt particles from the clothes. After that, the machine agitates in and moves the clothes in the drum for more sterner cleaning. In the rinse cycle, the detergent solution is then removed from the clothes, thereby completing the washing process. Spinning is the last stage. Here, the drum is rotated multiple times at a high speed in order to dry the clothes.

Washing Machine Capacity

The capacity of the washing machine depends upon many things like the size of the family, wash frequency. You have to consider some points before buying a washing machine which is first how many people will the machine serve the more number of people it will serve the larger its capacity should be and second is how often you do laundry.

  • Single or a couple (1-2 People) capacity: 5kg or smaller
  • Small Family (3-6 People) capacity: 5kg to 7kg
  • Large Family (6-more People) capacity: 8kg to larger

In a family of large people like a joint family, you should go for the large capacity washing machine. For less frequent use like once a day or two, you should go for the medium size washing machine. However, if you go for the smaller size washing machine, it is not a big issue. Then you can divide the number of clothes per washing cycle. The thing is it will take a long time to wash all the clothes.

Samsung 6.2 kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Whirlpool 7 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

LG 8.0 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

control panel of a semi automatic washing machine

Washing Machine Types

Depending upon the automatic features available, human intervention functions in the washing machine they are classified into two different categories.

  • Semi-automatic washing machine
  • Fully automatic washing machine

Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

The semi-automatic washing machine is a slightly manual working, it contains separate containers for washing and drying, after that, you can add water and after washing you have to manually move the clothes from washer to dryer (from one container to another).

Godrej 9 Kg Semi-Automatic Washing Machine 


  • Water-efficient: The user can decide how much water is to be poured.
  • Electricity efficient: The user can stop and start the washing machine anytime during the washing cycle.
  • Ease of use: Adjust the different controls and functions according to there washing habits and needs.
  • Less expensive: It cost cheaper than a fully automatic washing machine.


  • Manual input is required: You need to pour water, move clothes from one container to the another also you need to rub the clothes before putting it in drying container. In the end, it needs lots of human involvement.
  • Time-consuming: It takes much more time than a fully automatic washing machine.

Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Fully automatic washing machines help you to wash clothes much easier than semi-automatic as it reduces the manual function and human effort. It has a single container for both purposes washing and drying, you don’t have to pour water or rinse the clothes or move them from container to another this makes the washing process a lot easier and convenient.

Samsung 8 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Washing Machine


  • Minimum manual input: No extra human effort is needed for washing, no need to worry for adding water, rubbing and drying. The fully automatic washing machine automatically does the work which is to be done manually in semi-automatic.
  • Inbuilt latest and advanced technology: Fully automatic functions with the inbuilt supply of hot water and many other features.


  • Continuous water supply
  • Electricity consumption is high
  • The noise produced is high

Difference Between Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Semi-automatic Fully automatic
Human input is requiredNo human input is required
You need to move clothes for drying You don’t need to move clothes for drying
It makes a loud noiseIt works silently
Less expensive More expensive

a worker taking out clothes from washing machines kept in the laundry

Top Load Washing Machine

In top load washing machine, you load clothes from the top into the container you can easily load clothes by dropping it from the top the machine. The washing quality is slight low because it lacks some advanced technology features. In India, people prefer a top load washing machine more than a front-load, It has a very consumer-friendly design.

Whirlpool 7.5 kg Top Loading Washing Machine

Front-Load Washing Machine

In this type of washing machine, the users add clothes from the front side to the drum or the container attached to it. It has many advanced technology features and better washing quality, many people in foreign prefer front load washing machine more than a top load. It consumes less electricity and is energy efficient also these are the best of all.

IFB 6 kg Front Loading Washing Machine

Difference between Top Load and Front-Load Washing Machine

Top loadFront-load
You can load clothes by dropping them from the topYou have to load clothes by bending down
They require more waterThey require less water
The washing quality is lowThe washing quality is high
Less expensiveMore expensive

front load washing machines

Inverter Technology

What is inverter washing machine? Inverter technology in the washing machine has made a revolution in the washing machine industry. this advanced technology is able to save energy and electricity when a motor is used in the device, this technology optimises the speed of the machine at a particular load to give the best output.

The inverter technology based washing machine has sensors which can detect the load inside the machine, based on it the sensors determines the maximum speed at which the motor has to be run to optimize the use of electricity. The machine itself has multiple motors which allow the maximum electricity use at different speeds.

LG 7 kg Inverter Washing Machine

Direct Drive Technology

In an ordinary motor, there are some movable parts like belts and gears so whenever we use them, they produce a lot of friction this can disturb the efficiency of the motor. This technology removes the usage of these movable parts that helps in the reduction of friction and hence electricity is saved. The direct-drive technology-enabled motors are heavier than conventional motors, but their efficiency is more than conventional and it produces less noise and has a better life which helps in reduction of the vibration as well.

Yet, they have a higher degree of efficiency and the noise produced is also less. In present, there are some manufacturers who are using both the technology inverter-based and direct drive technology together. In the end, it saves extensive power when you have a fluctuating load.

IFB 6 kg Direct Drive Washing Machine

Important Features of a Washing Machine

There are many brands available in the market but some offer additional features to make the use of technology easy, the features they offer usually are like water level adjustment, doses of detergent on the basis of fabric type and the quantity of load, some offers hot water technology which helps to remove the stains and bacteria from the cloth that you wear.

Digital display is a feature which helps you to adjust the water, detergent and temperature measurements and also gives you the time remaining indication.
Fuzzy logic helps you to choose and select the best washing mode like wash time, the quantity of detergent to be used it also checks the balance of the machine.
Child lock allows you to lock the control buttons on the panel so that settings can’t be changed by the child, children can change the operating mode and even can damage the machine.
Quick wash is a very helpful feature especially if you have to move quickly, it reduces the time of a wash cycle also the time depends upon the load, it does the whole process in a bit of time.
Delay function is a feature that allows you to start the washing at a scheduled time for the perfect quality as the clothes soak detergent before the scheduled time to start the washing machine.

Things To Keep in Mind Before Buying

Bubble wash is a mode on a washing machine which enables the clothes soaked in cold water to form bubble structure with the help of the detergent, it creates a micelle around the clothes and then when the clothes are rubbed inside the machine it removes the excessive oil and dirt.

Dryer makes the clothes as dry as they get dried in the air you are clothes are ready to be wear when they come out of the dryer

The hard water problem is the basic laundry problem everywhere in India due to substances like calcium and magnesium ion that’s why it does not produce a good lather. Due to the lack of lather, the clothes are not washed properly so fabric becomes harsh and stiff also dullness and yellowness are also produced in it. To solve the hard water problem many companies have an inbuilt water treatment feature to convert hard water into soft water, but the slug of the ion contained hard water can choke the drain so be careful before buying your washing machine.

Temperature control is necessary for the winter season as, during winters the hot water is not available easily for everyone, this feature helps you to control the water temperature as per your requirement. They can adjust the temperature as you want, some hard elements are difficult to remove in cold water that’s why temperature control helps you increase the temperature so the detergent can work better in hot water remove the difficult particles. Inbuilt water temperature control washing machines are a bit expensive.

Best Washing Machine Brands (India)

Samsung is a big brand which has great variety of washing machines. In front and top load, it has different looks and specifications for you. Samsung provides you with the latest Eco bubble and Eco drum cleaning technology.

Check here

LG is the largest washing machine company in India. They have a great range of products. It uses advanced technologies like Direct drive, Smart inverter technology, Jet spray technology and True balance.

Check here

IFB is an Indian brand which produces consumer electronics like washing machine, fridge etc. A trusted and a reliable brand, it uses technologies like Auto-balance system, Ball valve technology and 3D wash system.

Check here

Bosch is a German brand, famous for its design and superior build quality of its products. Bosch washing machines are one of the top-selling in India. Active water plus, Variodrum and Eco silent drive are some of the latest washing machine technologies bosch uses.

Check here

Whirlpool is a leading American consumer electronics brand which is extremely popular among Indian people. Its front-load washing machines have Stream care technology and Intellisense inverter technology whereas its top load washing machines have Care move technology, 360 Bloom wash pro and ZPF technology.

Check here


After reading this buying guide, you might have an idea of what things to consider while buying a washing machine. For a device as important as a washing machine, it is necessary to know what suits you and whatnot. After all, it’s about your taste and preferences. Investing some time in choosing the best washing machine for yourself can save you a lot of hassle and money. Also, it will save your precious time too.

For any queries and doubts related to choosing the best washing machine for you, drop your comments in the comment box below and we at homelectrics will try our best to give you the best answer.

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