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How to Choose a Microwave Oven in 2020

a convection oven installed on the top of the counter
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a convection oven installed on the top of the counter

Earlier microwave ovens used to be luxurious items but today they have become a necessity. Be it reheating your noodles, defrosting meat or baking cakes, microwave oven finds its use everywhere. Microwave ovens are not only energy-efficient than gas stove but also save a lot of time.

It is important to understand the features and specifications of different types of microwave ovens first. Then only, the buyers can decide what they need. But don’t worry, we at home electrics have got you covered. Our buying guide for microwave ovens covers all the topics you should know before making a purchase.

Note: It is recommended that before buying a microwave oven, you must go through our detailed buying guide for microwave oven. Our guide will provide you with all the important technical knowledge you need. Also, you will get to know about the latest features and technologies used in microwave ovens.

Let us take a look at what factors one should consider before buying a microwave oven.

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How do Microwave Ovens work

How does microwave oven works? Microwave ovens involve usage of microwaves. The heat needed for cooking is produced by these microwaves. cooking. Microwaves find their place in between radio waves and infrared waves on the electromagnetic spectrum.

They have a tendency to produce heat. Microwave radiation is absorbed by water molecules present in the food and thus the food gets cooked. Apart from that, sugar and fat also absorb these waves. However, these waves are not absorbed by materials like glass plastic and ceramics.

Types of Microwave Ovens

There are basically three types of Microwave ovens. these are

  • Conventional Microwave Oven/Solo Oven
  • Grill Microwave Oven
  • Convection Microwave Oven

Conventional Microwave Oven:

They are also known as solo ovens. They are basic ovens used for simple cooking and heating purposes. Some of there use include cooking rice, noodles, pasta, reheating and defrosting food.

IFB 25 L Convectional Microwave Oven (https://amzn.to/2oc6a68)

Grill Microwave Oven:

Grill Microwave Ovens are an upgrade over conventional microwave ovens. Apart from the features of above, they come with additional tools and accessories for grilling purpose. these ovens are more suited for lovers of grilled food. steaks, barbeque, grilled meat and vegetables are best prepared using this type of oven.

LG 20 L Grill Microwave Oven (https://amzn.to/2oc5Q76)

Convection Microwave Oven:

The convection microwave oven has features of both conventional and grill models. They come with an automatic fan and heating coils. these components help in creating different airflow patterns within the device. they are more suited for baking cakes, pastries, pies etc. Moreover, when it comes to grilling they are equally efficient as grill microwave ovens.

LG 32 L Convection Microwave Oven (https://amzn.to/2nfsb3R)

Difference Between Conventional, Grill and Convection Oven

The conventional oven is much different from the modern oven. They usually have a burner system inside the oven. The burner is at the top which transfers heat from a fixed spot, therefore, heat flows from under the burner so the food cooks easily. Nowadays the conventional oven allows you to control both sides from top to bottom instantaneously.

Grill means cooking food using heat, like a tandoor. Grill ovens have an inbuilt tube that’s get heated and the heat released by it is used to cook food.

Convection over are those which circulates the heat inside them, this helps in making food evenly cooked and gets crispier, it regulates the heat in the form of hot air and makes sure heat surround the food from all the direction resulting in completely cooked food.

Microwave Oven Capacity

The capacity of an oven is an important purchasing factor. the capacity of microwave ovens depends upon the size of the family. the typical size of solo ovens varies from 15-20 L. Thus, the solo ovens are perfect for individuals or a family of 2-3 members. However, grill or convection ovens require a larger capacity. Thus for the same family size, a 21-25 L oven is perfect. A family with 4-5 members would generally require griller convection ovens with an average capacity of 30 L or above.

Samsung 23 L Solo Microwave Oven (https://amzn.to/2o5NBR0)

Godrej 25 L Convection Microwave Oven (https://amzn.to/2np5wC6)

LG 20 L Grill Microwave Oven (https://amzn.to/2odUcIQ)

Different styles of Microwave ovens

There are four styles of microwave ovens popular in the market. These are:

  • Countertop Microwave Ovens
  • Above-Range Microwave Ovens
  • Microwave Oven Drawer
  • Combination Microwave Ovens

Countertop Microwave Ovens

One of the smallest size ovens available in the market, they find their place on top of the counter in the kitchen. These ovens are portable. They find their use in defrosting, reheating and thawing purposes. Apart from that, they are also useful for cooking simple dishes like pulses, soups, boiling rice, noodles etc.

However, their most significant drawback is that they occupy counter space in the kitchen. for those with less space, this may not be a suitable option.

Above-Range Microwave Ovens

The above range ovens are above the kitchen range. The oven is great when the kitchen has either been remodelled or there is no space on the counter. They have separate exhaust fans for venting out smoke from a stove’s burners. Their installation above the range or over the stove the may require removal of a cabinet. Installed by professionals, they may require installation charges as applicable. They are more expensive than solo ovens as they come loaded with many exclusive features.

Microwave Oven Drawer

These ovens fit inside the drawers of the kitchen range. They are quite attractive and are more suited to a modern or modular kitchen. Just like above-range microwave ovens, they save counter space. Apart from aesthetics, they are easy to use and pretty safe. reaching for a drawer is easier than the above-mentioned models. Also, you can lock the drawer and make sure the kids don’t play or tamper with the settings of the oven.

Combination Microwave Ovens

These ovens combine all the features of the above-mentioned ovens. They are the most sophisticated and luxurious ovens available in the market. Basically, there is a microwave oven on top of a conventional (non-microwave) oven. Due to this reason, we refer to them as dual ovens. They have drop-down doors and they come with very pleasing and sleek ergonomic design. Their built quality and aesthetics justify their high price.

Microwave Oven Power Yield

As mentioned earlier, microwave ovens produce heat, which is necessary for cooking. This heat is the power yield of the microwave. Solo ovens, used for lightweight cooking yield about 500-800 watts of power. Larger ovens like grill or convection models yield about 800-1000 watts of power. It is worth remembering that higher yield means the food heats more quickly. that is why solo microwave oven inverter takes maximum time for cooking food and thus are more suited for simple dishes.

a microwave oven baking pizzas

Important Features of Microwave Oven

Heating Sensor: Microwave ovens are fitted with heat sensors. these sensors automatically adapt the heating cycles for different kinds of food items. You just need to enter the weight and let the oven do the rest.
Removable Racks: They help in cooking multiple dishes simultaneously. however for taller utensils, you may need to remove the rack.
30 Second Buttons: This is a very helpful feature usually found in every microwave oven. it is used for quick tasks like warming water or milk.
Turntable and Tray: These are provided to circulate the food items for proper uniform heating. Nowadays some companies are using tray instead of the turntable. The advantage of using a tray is that its slides from one side to another which helps for elongated platters.
Variable Power Control: for light cooking purposes your microwave does not need to operate at maximum power this feature allows you to change the power consumption level of the oven. for example, you need the oven at 30% of its power to defrost the food.
Interlocks: it is a relatively new safety feature. it ensures that your microwave oven will not function if the door is opened or slightly ajar.
Automatic Sensors: like interlocks, they are also a new feature available in today’s market. these sensors can detect when the food is cooked completely by measuring the steam present in the oven. The oven automatically shuts off ensuring that the food is neither overcooked or undercooked.

Best Microwave Oven Brands (India)

Godrej produces microwave ovens in different sizes and capacity according to the use of the family or an individual, you will not need any assistance for making tasty and delicious food for your family when you will use the Godrej ovens as they are Long lasting microwave ovens and Fast auto cooling inside the oven.

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Morphy Richards has been producing microwave ovens for many years and is one of the most trusted and recommended brand many people. It cooks the food directly by providing the instantaneous heat which surrounds the food molecules. The Auto defrost function helps you to defrost and cook at the same time. They also provide a Deodorize feature, so that after cooking you can use this function to remove the odour and freshen the space inside the oven.

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IFB is a huge brand and the manufacturer of home and electrical appliances. IFB manufactures great variety of products like fridges, washing machines and ovens. The best sellers types of the oven made by IFB are solo, grill and convection.

They use well-enabled safety features for their ovens like Child lock, it prevents children from misusing them. It makes easy for you to cook and serve your family with its features and technology.

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Samsung has one of the best convection microwave ovens in the market. This is because of its performance integrated with its attractive looks. Also, they are one of the easiest microwave ovens to use because of there user-friendly functions.

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Bajaj has been a major player in the consumer electronics market in India and has many varieties of products. It makes you hassle-free in the kitchen. Compared to other its microwave oven use high power waves, which distributes an equal amount of heat for even cooking.

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After reading this buying guide, you might have an idea of what things to consider while buying an oven. For a device as important as an oven, it is necessary to know what suits you and whatnot. After all, it’s about your taste and preferences. Investing some time in choosing the best oven for yourself can save you a lot of hassle and money. Also, it will save your precious time too.

For any queries and related to choosing the best oven for you, drop your comments in the comment box below. We at homelectrics will try our best to give you a satisfying answer.

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