10 Best Gaming Chairs in India (2023)

Best Gaming Chairs in India

Gaming chairs are a trend on the rise. With the ever-growing popularity of online gaming and live streaming, chairs with ergonomic designs are becoming necessary equipment for gamers. In this article, we will review the 10 Best Gaming Chairs in India 2023. 

We will also discuss things to consider before buying a gaming chair and most importantly, why you should buy one at all.

What is a Gaming Chair & Why Do You Need it?

A gaming chair is a specialized chair created to meet the need and comfort requirements of gamers. Besides that, these chairs are designed keeping in mind the way gaming professionals sit, how they interact with their setup, and what they need from their chairs.

The benefits you receive from a gaming chair include maximum comfort, better body posture, relaxation, enhanced gaming experience, stress reduction, pain relief and so on.  

With their high straight backs, padded armrests, and thick upholstery, you find yourself completely immersed in gaming and tend to forget how gruelling and intensive these sessions may be. 

Things to Look for in a Gaming Chair

Despite their name, these chairs are quite popular among non-gamers too. Many professionals use them in offices while several others opt for these chairs for Work From Home. Therefore, before making a buying decision, you must check out the most important things to look for in a gaming chair.

  • Ergonomics – The most important aspect of a gaming chair. An ergonomic gaming chair has comfort, efficiency and productivity for the user as its priorities. A large ultra-soft seat with a neck pillow and lumbar support would put less stress on your hips and back. 
  • Design – Another Important factor when buying a gaming chair. Chairs with wing-back designs have proven to be better for back pain relief. Also, the design of a gaming chair should complement your gaming set-up.
  • Build Quality & Durability – A gaming chair with a heavy-duty sturdy metal or alloy frame will last longer than a plastic or nylon frame. 
  • Adjustability – Adjustable or removable padded armrests, backrests and footrests are must-haves in a gaming chair. During long gaming sessions, gamers may change their posture frequently and at that time this factor comes quite handy.
  • Chair Mechanics – An equally important constraint. Be it a hydraulic gas lift mechanism for height adjustment or a frog mechanism for controlling the reclining angle, the chair’s mechanics are an integral part of its user experience.
  • Weight & Height Suitability – Each user has their own specific needs. Thus, choosing a gaming chair suiting their weight and height requirements becomes a no-brainer. Generally, these chairs can withstand loads between 125-150 kg with varying height suitability.
  • Gaming Console Compatibility – In the case of professional gamers, this factor is non-negotiable. Gaming chairs with USB ports let the users charge their controllers by their armrests. Some chairs have an inbuilt surround sound system while a select few offer motion capability like rock, turn, tilt, shake etc. These types of chairs are often used as racing game simulators.

10 Best Gaming Chairs in India 2023

Green Soul Monster Ultimate Series T Multi-Functional Ergonomic Gaming ChairCheck Price on Amazon
DrLuxur Leeroy Series Ergonomic Gaming ChairCheck Price on Amazon
BAYBEE Drogo Multi-Purpose Ergonomic Gaming ChairCheck Price on Amazon
Green Soul Beast Racing Edition Ergonomic Gaming ChairCheck Price on Amazon
CELLBELL | DC Comics – Batman Gaming ChairCheck Price on Amazon
ErgoLab Armour Gaming ChairCheck Price on Amazon
DrLuxur Weavemonster Ergonomic Gaming ChairCheck Price on Amazon
Sunon Gaming ChairCheck Price on Amazon
Greysteel-Breathe Massage Gaming ChairCheck Price on Amazon
CELLBELL GC06 Transformer X-Series Faux Leather Adjustable Gaming ChairCheck Price on Amazon

1. Green Soul Monster Ultimate Series T Multi-Functional Ergonomic Gaming Chair
Green Soul Monster Ultimate Series T Multi-Functional Ergonomic Gaming Chair

The most popular gaming chair in the market. The Green Soul Monster Ultimate Series T is a multi-function ergonomic chair. Made with premium breathable nylon-spandex and PU leather fabric, its adjustable armrests and heavy-duty metal base give it a sturdy build quality.

Capable of withstanding loads up to 120 kg, its moulded foam seat along with the adjustable memory foam neck and lumbar pillow gives you comfort and style.

The newly engineered frog mechanism enables the lock in any position. Also, with an adjustable backrest angle of 90-180 Degrees and 60mm dual caster wheels, this green soul chair is suitable for people between 5ft. 8” and 6ft. 5”. 

Key Specifications
  • Premium Breathable Nylon Spandex Fabric
  • Adjustable Armrests
  • Heavy-Duty Metal Base
  • 120 kg Load Capacity
  • 90-180 Degree Backrest Angle
  • 60mm Dual Caster Wheels

Premium Quality FabricUnsatisfactory After Sales Support
Easy To Assemble
Adjustable Armrests

2. DrLuxur Leeroy Series Ergonomic Gaming Chair
DrLuxur Leeroy Series Ergonomic Gaming Chair

A premium gaming chair from Dr Luxur. Crafted from nylon and metal, this chair screams elegance and sophistication. Its solid build structure provides support for body weight up to 165 kg.

Apt for both home and office, the leather seat, reclining backrest and footrest coupled with a multi-locking position make its design quite ergonomic. 

The high-density moulded memory foam lumbar pillow in addition to a magnetic neck pillow ensures a smooth and pleasing gaming experience. As stated above, these two equally important characteristics are a hallmark of an excellent gaming chair.

Key Specifications
  • Nylon & Metal Build
  • Leather Seat
  • Supports Weight upto 165 Kg
  • Multi Locking Position
  • Magnetic Neck Pillow

Comfortable Leather SeatChair is a Bit Heavy
Adjustable Armrests
Magnetic Neck Pillow

3. BAYBEE Drogo Multi-Purpose Ergonomic Gaming Chair
BAYBEE Drogo Multi-Purpose Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Sporting a winged back, the BAYBEE Drogo Multi-Purpose Ergonomic Gaming Chair is designed for comfort. As your back and lumbar region make several contact points with the chair, the pressure in those regions gets distributed and you feel more relaxed.

Its alloy frame is covered with high-quality hand-sewn PU leather and 10 cm of high-density foam. In addition to a neck and lumbar pillow, this gaming chair provides a USB cable too. The bucket seat design allows you to lean your legs in a comfortable manner. Owing to these reasons, several buyers regard it as the best gaming chair for back pain. 

Moreover, some notable features include 360° swivel caster wheels, 90°-180° reclining angle, 20° controllable rocking footrest and a weight capacity of 158 Kg.

Key Specifications
  • 10 cm High-Density Foam
  • USB Connectivity
  • 360° Swivel Caster Wheels
  • 90°-180° Reclining Angle
  • 158 kg Weight Capacity

Adjustable LumbarWeight Capacity is Limited
360° Swivel Caster WheelsWarranty is not Specified
Easy Assembling

4. Green Soul Beast Racing Edition Ergonomic Gaming Chair
Green Soul Beast Racing Edition Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Many gamers have voted for this gaming chair as their preferred choice. The Green Soul Beast Racing Edition combines luxury, style and comfort. 

From its premium breathable fabric & PU leather, adjustable & removable neck & lumbar pillow to its durable metal frame, this recliner gaming chair is the definition of an ergonomic design. Not only this green soul chair prevents head & back pain, but it also relieves strain by comforting your hips.

With a maximum load capacity of 120 Kg, it is most suitable for people up to 5ft. 10”. With its three-way adjustable armrest coupled with a broad bucket seat, you can practically relax in any sitting position.

Key Specifications
  • Premium Breathable Fabric & PU Leather
  • Adjustable & Removable Neck & Lumbar Pillow
  • 3 Way Adjustable Armrests
  • 120 Kg Weight Capacity
  • Suitable for people up to 5ft. 10”

Ergonomic DesignAssembling Takes Time
Adjustable & Removable Neck & Lumbar Pillow
Rocking Pressure Adjuster

5. CELLBELL | DC Comics – Batman Gaming Chair
CELLBELL | DC Comics - Batman Gaming Chair

The CELLBELL DC Comics Batman Gaming Chair is a fan favourite among gaming enthusiasts, especially Batman & DC universe lovers.

This gaming chair has both; style and substance. Rocking a batman inspired ergonomic wingback design, this sleek and stylish model is also made from top-quality PU leather and a sturdy metal base.

Its 10 cm ultra-soft large seat with a removable headrest and back pillow is perfect for intense gaming sessions. While its hydraulics system helps in height adjustment, the frog mechanism provides a 15° Rocking Angle in addition to a  90° to 170° reclining angle. 

Featuring a button-adjustable padded armrest, this chair can bear loads up to 125 kg and is perfect for people under 5ft. 8”.

Key Specifications
  • Batman-Inspired Ergonomic Design
  • High-Quality Foam & PU Leather
  • Wing Back Design
  • Metal Base & Hydraulics
  • Frog Mechanism
  • 15° Rocking Angle

Batman-Inspired Ergonomic DesignArmrests Wide Apart
Amazing Gaming Experience
Frog Mechanism with 15° Rocking Angle

6. ErgoLab Armour Gaming Chair
ErgoLab Armour Gaming Chair

With the ErgoLab Armour Gaming Chair, playing games in a perfect posture becomes quite easy. With its neck and backrest, 3D adjustable armrests and a comfortable, spacious toxin-free PU leather bucket seat, work seems more fun.

Movement with this chair is no problem thanks to the five 50mm 360° swivel castor wheels and a 4-piston hydraulic gas lift mechanism. Also, you get a robust frame which ensures stability and durability.

Further, with a maximum weight capacity of 160 Kg and height suitability of up to 5ft. 10”, this gaming chair is definitely among the 10 Best Gaming Chairs in India 2023. 

Key Specifications
  • Toxin Free Fabric & PU Leather
  • 3D Adjustable Armrests
  • 50mm 360° swivel castor wheels
  • 4-Piston Gas Lift Mechanism
  • 90°-180° Reclining Angle

3D Adjustable ArmrestsComfort Can be Improved
Suitable For a 6ft Person
Budget Friendly

7. DrLuxur Weavemonster Ergonomic Gaming Chair
DrLuxur Weavemonster Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Easily a top contender among the 10 Best Gaming Chairs in India 2023. The Dr Luxur Weavemonster Ergonomic Gaming Chair is the symbol of class. 

Stitched from a breathable honeycomb cotton soft weave fabric and boasting a steel-reinforced body, this chair is guaranteed to stand out from the rest. 

Apart from a healthy sitting posture, its high-density moulded cushions make sure you are freed from chronic back and neck pain. Furthermore, the 4D armrests can be adjusted by front or back, by height or rotated inwards or outwards to keep your keep arms in a natural position while gaming.

Finally, one factor which differentiates this gaming chair from its competitors is that it is suitable for tall people as it can host people up to 6ft. 4”. 

Key Specifications
  • Magnetic Neck Pillow
  • High-Density Moulded Cushions 
  • 4D Adjustable Armrests
  • Steel Reinforced Body
  • Supports Weight upto 165 Kg
  • Suitable for People up to 6ft. 4”

High-Density Moulded Cushions Unsatisfactory Armrest Padding
Magnetic Neck Pillow
It Covers all of Your Body

8. Sunon Gaming Chair
Sunon Gaming Chair

The Sunon Gaming Chair ticks all the boxes. Comfortable, modern, and stylish, it has got all that gamers need. 

Sporting a high back & wide seat crafted from premium PU leather, this gaming chair offers an ergonomic design with an adjustable 3D headrest, and lumbar support and a wing-shaped backrest. This enables your entire body to hug the chair’s back and as a result, an effective reduction of back pain.

Further, the adjustable armrests in line with plush cushions alleviate any form of elbow strain. The 360° rotatable PU rollers wouldn’t damage wooden floors. In terms of maximum weight capacity, this chair car is perfectly alright for people up to 125 Kg.

Key Specifications
  • High Back & Wide Seat
  • Adjustable 3D Headrest
  • Wing-Shaped Backrest
  • The 360° Rotatable PU Rollers
  • 125 Kg Maximum Weight Capacity

Adjustable 3D HeadrestAverage Durability
Wing-Shaped Backrest
Value for Money

9. Greysteel-Breathe Massage Gaming Chair
Greysteel-Breathe Massage Gaming Chair

Meeting all the requirements of an ergonomic gaming chair, the Greysteel-Breathe Massage is loved by both gaming professionals and office workers. 

Packing essential features like a durable alloy frame, 4D adjusting armrest, removable neck pillow along with lumbar support, hand-knitted breathable PU fabric, and upgraded LANT gas cylinder hydraulic mechanism, this model has a justified spot in our list of 10 Best Gaming Chairs in India 2023.

In addition to that, this chair allows a 20° rocking position control and a retractable footrest for comfort. It can withstand loads up to 130 Kg, its high-density 10 cm foam seat provides pleasure and proper posture in equal measure.

Key Specifications
  • Durable Alloy Frame
  • Knitted Breathable Fabric
  • 4D Adjusting Armrests
  • LANT Gas Cylinder Hydraulic Mechanism
  • 130 Kg Maximum Weight Capacity

4D Adjusting ArmrestsSometimes Metallic Frame Make Sounds
Retractable Footrest
Easy to Assemble

10. CELLBELL GC06 Transformer X-Series Faux Leather Adjustable Gaming Chair
CELLBELL GC06 Transformer X-Series Faux Leather Adjustable Gaming Chair

This gaming chair is the top-selling model from CELLBELL’s fabled Transformer X-Series. The top-quality PU leather, in addition to a high backrest, sleek removable neck and lumbar pillow, gives you a sensation that pro gamers love.

An 8 cm ultra-soft cushioned seat, a heavy metal base with hydraulic height adjustment and a frog mechanism make this reclining model one of the 10 Best Gaming Chairs in India 2023.

Therefore, just relax and properly use its reclining capability and provided button adjustable padded armrest for a satisfactory gaming experience. 

Key Specifications
  • High Durable PU Leather
  • 8 cm Ultra-Soft Seat
  • 4D Adjustable Armrest
  • Strong Metal Base
  • Hydraulic Height Adjustment
  • Frog Mechanism

Amazing Gaming ExperienceSlightly Costlier
Hydraulic Height Adjustment
4D Adjustable Armrest


Why are gaming chairs so popular?

Gaming chairs are purposely designed for providing comfort. This makes them quite popular among professional gamers and live streamers as they undergo extended gaming sessions.

What’s the difference between gaming chair and office chair?

Gaming chairs differ from office chairs in terms of their design and usage. Having a low profile, office chairs are mostly used for meetings or when working on a table. However, gaming chairs are quite flashy with unique designs and extreme comfort. They are made for people who spend hours in front of a TV screen or a computer.

What does ergonomic mean for gaming chair?

Ergonomically designed gaming chairs are those which are crafted to give multiple comfort-maximizing benefits. They offer features like an ultra-soft cushioned seat, wing back design, neck pillow, lumbar support, adjustable padded armrests and so on to provide you with an excellent gaming experience.

Which gaming chair is most comfortable?

Green Soul Monster Ultimate, Dr Luxur Leeroy Series, BAYBEE Drogo Multi-Purpose are some of the most comfortable gaming chairs in India. But, it is recommended that you read through our list of 10 Best Gaming Chairs in India 2023 to select a chair that matches your needs.

How do I choose a gaming chair?

The important factors to consider before buying a gaming chair are ergonomics, build quality, dimensions, movement capability, hydraulic armrest mechanism, weight capacity, height suitability, and compatibility with gaming consoles. By keeping these in your mind, you can make the right purchasing decision.

How long does gaming chair last?

A gaming chair typically lasts for 3-5 years. However, this depends upon its usage, build quality, cleanliness and maintenance. These factors can elongate or shorten the life of your gaming chair.

What are the qualities of a good gaming chair?

Excellent Ergonomics, sturdy build, upholstery, adjustable armrests, high weight capacity and lastly compatibility with gaming consoles are the qualities of a good gaming chair.

Is an expensive gaming chair worth it?

For professionals, a gaming chair is a necessary investment. Being able to play games for long continuous hours without any discomfort is what all gamers desire. Thus, an advanced, expensive gaming chair may not seem like a waste of money. However, for amateurs or those who just want to enjoy gaming, buying a low-priced budget gaming chair would be the best option. 

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